Working on Sew4thesoulbook

Sew4thesoulbook is a fabric book I’m working on at this time. All fabric and hand stitching. A friend gave me a bag of blue fabric pieces that I’m using . Pages 1 and 2 . Theme circles and squares . Embroidery stitches are whimsical versions of straight stitching.
Pages 3 and 4 . Theme: A pocket with an x marking the spot. Rectangles, straight stitches, buttons added. After making a pocket we were to make a tag. My pocket is a double pocket. I made two tags .
Two fabric tags for the pockets. I will be adding a hanger to the tag with the leaf.
Pages 5 and 6. Theme: Suffolk Puffs and two colors I rarely use. Purple and orange. French knots and straight stitches used.
Pages 7 and 8. Theme: woven then embellished.
Pages 9 and 10. Theme: Breather pages. These are the new pages being worked on at this time.Whatever embroidery stitches we wanted to use. Stitches need to cross over other stitches. A circle needed to be cut out of the work. I’m anxious to see what comes. It’s a fun learning process.

ACorns Easter 2020

HAPPY EASTER everyone!
My human had an egg hunt for me today.
There were so many eggs I couldn’t carry them all.
I also received a big chocolate rabbit.
Maybe I’ll nibble on his ears later.
Little peeps came out to see what was going on.
They are so cute.
The peeps wanted to know why I was carrying colored eggs in my basket.
I thought this was a fine day to wheel out the big chicken I received last Easter.

An unforgettable adventure

I’m off today on an adventure.
My humans haven’t taken me on one in a long time.
Two of the dogs are with us in the car.
Quick stop at a bakery on the way.
Donuts were delicious.
Arrived at the store.
Saw the biggest cart I have ever seen.
I got to ride on it as it was being filled.
We’re checking out.
On to the next destination we go.
My human hides me down in the cup holder.
She closes the lid.
I’m hidden and safe from the dogs.
Out of the car my humans go.
Cici the biggest of the two little dogs runs back and forth over the
closed cup holder.
Oh no!
Cici has hit the cup holder latch it’s opening.
No Cici no!
Bad dog!
Cici grabs me by the tail. She’s pulling me out.
She’s chewing my tail. Someone knocks on the car window within seconds of her chewing me.
It’s one of the humans. He gets in the car picks me and a few pieces of me up.
Tells Cici to get on the floor in her bed.
This is me. I have parts missing from my tail.
Cici did eat some of me.
Me again with a shorter tail.
You’re a bad dog Cici.
My human says she can make my tail better.
My human put my tail back together as best she could.
Gave me a touch up paint job.
I climbed up in a chair.
Looked in the mirror.
My tail isn’t bad now that its been repaired.
Except for a few missing chunks my tail is almost as good as new.

Black Walnut

More snow piled up last night and this morning.
When I went for my walk I took along some birdseed.
Scattered it on top of the snow for them.
I reached my favorite resting spot .
Sitting on my tree stump was a black walnut.
We squirrels love black walnuts as much as we love acorns.
Black walnuts are much harder to open than any other nut.
It took me most of the day chewing on the hard shell to open it.
The walnut inside was sure tasty.
I chewed the shell up until I got every crumb from the nut eaten.
I was tired out from all the chewing on that shell.
I decided to crawl into the log and take a nap.
On second thought maybe I’ll watch the birds instead.

Amelia builds some furniture

Making furniture that goes with the name Thimble.
I dug through my persons wooden spools of thread.
I needed one large one and four smaller ones.
I’m going to make a table my size and some stools.
I’m searching the button box.
I need a large button as a table top.
Now four medium ones for stool seats.
Found what I needed.
Now to get the furniture built.
This is a big button to pick up for someone my size.
Here it is as my tabletop.
These are vintage corduroy buttons from an old coat.
They make the best cushy seats for me
I wanted four stools.
I only found three old buttons so only three seats.
My little tea table and stools are finished.
After all the hard work I deserve to relax with a cup of tea.
As I’m drinking my tea I’m trying to decide if I should paint my furniture.

Seasoned Senior Fellowship

I know that I’m not a senior.
I did go to a Seasoned Senior luncheon with my person yesterday.
The theme was what are you thankful for.
First I was thankful my person took me.
I met a few people at our table that were excited to meet me.
I walked around and looked at the centerpieces.
I did feel thankful and blessed to have such a good home.
The turkey was a candle holder.
I felt a little sad when turkey and dressing were served for lunch.
Made me think of the turkeys that will be on dinner tables next week.
It was a fun day. We saw a slide show of a members trip to China.
The best part at the end was a candy bar for all of us.

Little Yellow Shawl Finished

Sporting my newly completed shawl I ventured outside for a stroll.
I’m standing in front of the new growth on my persons September Clematis.
The clematis last month was cut all the way to the ground. It had grown on the deck railing for years.
My person said no matter how many times she cuts the quince it
continues to grow through the boards of the deck landing.
Posing on the steps for a picture.
The lamb’s ears are so soft to the touch.
These are the only growing things I could find in the yard that are blooming. Fall is coming.

Hitty’s Story

The Hitty’s gather round to read Hitty Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field.
They’re very excited to read about the first Hitty and all her adventuress.
The girls gather closer to look at the authors signature in the book.
The beginning of the book shows original Hitty writing her memoirs.
The girls have so much more to learn about ancestor Hitty.
I do believe they will have so much fun sharing the reading aloud of Hitty’s story.