Playing Inside

I was playing on the stairs with my bear Teddy.
Pepper come down and see what I’m doing, said ACorn.
I picked up Teddy as I walked over to what he had planned.
Pepper I want to get the magic 8 ball down and ask it questions.
Here sit Teddy on the chair .
I want Teddy with me.
Go ahead Pepper ask it a question.
I didn’t want to play magic 8 ball.
I wanted to play dolls.
I sat Teddy and Raggedy Ann in the swing.
I felt bad for ACorn.
I didn’t want him to have to play alone.
Dolls could be played with later.
I went over to ACorn to play what he wanted to play.

Picnic Time

ACorn , Buddy and I are having a picnic in the Fairy garden.
Hotdogs, cherry pie, pop and cupcakes.
I was in charge of the grill. Pepper set the table.
Looks like we are almost ready to eat.
Even Buddy gets his own hotdog.
I brought along Raggedy Ann.
She’s going for a ride in the wagon.
ACorn and I are going to have a campfire and roast marshmallows later.

A Little Wooden Horse

Pepper glanced over at ACorn in surprise as she came down the stairs.
He was on a horse in the house.
Is that thing real?
No it’s just a wooden horse for a wooden squirrel.
It’s a pretty nice wooden horse ACorn.
I think he needs a saddle blanket even if he doesn’t have a saddle.
Thank’s Pepper.
Let me help you.
It looks nice.
A little big for him but it’s nice to have for riding.


My friend Pepper will do just
about anything I ask her to do.
I asked if she’d help
me with a magic trick.
What do you want me to do ACorn?
Pepper if you get in the box I
can make you disappear.

Can I wear my hat?
Yes you can wear your hat.
ACorn is this going to hurt?
No Pepper I promise. It won’t hurt.
Just lay down.
I’m going to close the box, say the magic word
and you’ll disappear.
Where will I go?
I don’t know but it won’t hurt.
Abracadabra !
Pepper you in there?
See I knew I could make
her disappear!
Now can I get her back??????
Please let me get her back.
Abracadabra !
Oh no! Where is she?????
Thank goodness!
I was a little scared for a minute.
Pepper let me help you out.
ACorn you were right it didn’t hurt.
Thank you so much Pepper for
your assistance in my magic trick.
We make a great team!

The Fox and The Squirrel

I wanted to be a fox today.
My person knit me a dress, a tail and a hat with ears.
It works just fine making me into a fox
ACorn said lets go for a ride.
So I the fox and he the squirrel
picked our spot on the dashboard ready for the ride.
ACorn said laying on our belly is the best way to go.
I’m a girl in a dress I didn’t agree.
We rode sitting up the rest of the trip.
As you can see it has started to rain....and
rain some more.
By the time we got to where we were going the
rain was coming down by the buckets full.
It wasn’t letting up.
We didn’t get out of the car.
Let our silly humans get out and get wet
That’s just what they did too.
Well ACorn and I had a lot
to talk about anyway.
It was a fun outing.
Going home the rain let up.
Of course it did.

Laying Around

Prickles came over to see if I was doing anything exciting.
Buddy and I are just laying around studying the planting guide.
It wasn’t long before all the
little wooden’s started showing up.
Bunny brought his wagon in hopes we’ll go out and play.
Puss N Boots dropped in.
I told the gang about me trying to
play checkers the other day.
The checkers were so big I could hardly move them.
We talked about the huge, giant Teepee I got to go in
The train I saw that was a toy.
Then I told them about the old blue pick-up
truck. Each of them told me how much
fun it would be to own a truck like that.
Since I don’t own it I said lets go out and ride in the wagon.

Visiting the Dogs

Cc scared me so bad in the car
sneaking up on me.
I paid a visit to her in her bed.
I wanted to make sure we were friends.
She assured me that we are .
Cc promised she wouldn’t take a bite out of me.
I dropped in on Katie.
As you can see she was fast asleep.
She wasn’t interested in a visit from me.
At least I know I’m safe from the dogs.

An Almost Disaster

My person had to run an errand.
I went along wearing my wings.
While she was shopping I decided to fly around in the car.
I forgot the dog was with us
Totally unaware .
What is behind me?
Where did you come from?
It’s just me ACorn trying to be a flutterby.
Thankfully she only wanted to see what I was.
This could have been bad for me!
I think when I get home
I’ll remove my wings for a while.

Flying Practice

A slight breeze was blowing.
I decided to head outside and try my new wings .
At first I just hovered above the plants.
I then got a little braver and flew further away.
Being able to fly gives you
a whole different point of view.
Maybe I shouldn’t fly out over the road.
I don’t want to end up a blob on someones windshield.
I decided to return home.
I’ve flown enough for today.