Mud and Mackens Rock

It was a gray rainy day as I rode along in the car with my humans.
The dirt roads had turned to mud.
It was slow going with deep potholes.
I had a hard time staying seated on the dashboard.
The ditches were full of water.
We reached our destination. Mackens Rock.

I’ve been here a couple years ago. You never know what will be painted on the rock.

Finally we get to a paved road as we head home.

Riding Around

As I headed out today for a ride we followed a big mower
edging the road.
I saw this little Shetland pony on the left.
It looks big in the picture but it was small.
The dark brown horse on the right had her long legged foal with her.
I’m sitting on the ledge at the side window of the car.
I spotted these yellow iris blooming in the ditch alongside the road.
My human stopped the car so I could see these wildflowers.
A tree just split down the center and fell .
I was carved from wood like that.
My human just said we’re heading home.
I was very surprised. We hadn’t been out long today.
I hope to be back again tomorrow.

Little Spider Returns

I was out on the deck today.
Little spider crawled out of the flower petals.
Those green eyes were looking at me.
A movement scared Little spider .
He crawled inside the bottle.
As he crawled down the stem he slipped landing in the water.
He managed to grab the stem crawling back up to the top.
He forgot how he crawled in. He couldn’t find the way out.
My human scrunched the leaves together.
Little spider escaped safely.
He quickly crawled back to the bud and dried himself off.
I was watching closely.
My human pushed the big basket of flowers close.
Little spider crawled off the bud and hid.
I think he was embarrassed that I saw him fall in the water.
It’s nice my human takes the camera out with her each
morning to capture moments like this. Little spider could have died if
she hadn’t been around to save him.

Looking Good

Checking on the peony this morning.
Decided I needed a closer look.
Went in to grab my ladder.
Now to get it up to the bottle.
Being a small squirrel makes it hard to carry big ladders.
Got it !
Climbing up.
Looking good peony.
I went back in the house to retrieve my movie camera.
Oops !
Forgot to move the ladder.
Got it on film.
Man !
Now I have to get this stuff back in the house.

One Peony

It rained today.
The rain came down so hard .
One peony was beaten to the ground.
I was happy my human saved the peony.
It’s a nice big flower.
Smells so good!
My human only had a large water bottle handy.
It was half full of marbles and pennies.
That’s alright it will hold the peony.
The peony looks good up there .
My human put a doily under the bottle.
Perfect flower for the outdoor table.

That dog again

It’s a sunny day.
I’m out on the deck enjoying the warmth.
I climbed up on the rail . Looked out over the yard.
Nothing but green grass and trees.
No signs of life down the hill.
Hopping off the rail to the deck I saw that dog again.
You know that black and white dog that chewed my tail off.
Getting back up on the table I looked over to see
if she was staying put.
I won’t take any changes with my life if she’s around.
Oh great!
Now that dog’s under the table I’m standing on.
She’s still hanging around.
I may be spending my day up on this table.

Little Spider

I was out on the deck on the table enjoying the warm sunny day.
I was having a close look at the weave in the basket when a little spider crawled out.
I guess I scared the spider because it crawled back in really really fast.
As I was waiting to see if it would come back out my human
said it was coming around the side of the table behind me.
She said it’s still coming.
I turned around slowly to look but the spider took off again.
He crawled under the basket but I can’t see him.
Little spider are you under there?
Well I guess it’s not coming back out.
It was a little furry black spider with a
white spot on its behind. It was probably
a jumping spider.


As we crested the hill on a country road I saw this buzzard
sitting on a fence post. It is just above my ear on the left.
When my human stopped the car the buzzard flew off.
It didn’t fly far just to the right of me in a tree.
It held its wings out like it wanted me to go away.
When we looked on the other side of the road we saw these
three sitting on top of old rusty tanks. We didn’t see
any food they might be eating. Maybe they were just resting.
As we drove around the countryside we saw more buzzards in trees.
The gray sky helped this buzzard show up .
At my humans house we have three buzzards that live across the street.
They come and sit on our roof .
The buzzards line up on the roof and look like guards.

A drive enjoying the color green

After staying home for 2 months it was wonderful to go
for a drive.
I realized while the misty rain falls greens of nature glow.
Green has so many shades.
The brown tree trunks were calling me to come climb them.
I wouldn’t jump from the car window my humans might drive off
without me.
So peaceful.
There’s a river its water brown from the mud.
Beautiful trees .
Shades of a lighter green.
I see the forest ending down the road.
It’s been a nice drive.