The Polar Bear visits

Last year a Polar Bear followed the Hitty’s home. They learned the bears name was E F Claude. E F was around for about two weeks when he headed back to the far North. Well E F Claude is back for another visit. This time he came to visit ACorn and Buddy. He came with a saddle blanket on his back so ACorn could have a ride . There was even an attached carrying basket for Buddy to ride in. At first ACorn was a little hesitant to hop on. Not Buddy he jumped right in the basket.
When ACorn realized nothing was going to happen to Buddy he hopped on E F’s back too. Off they went through the deep snow. The wind was blowing so hard it was whistling. ACorn was happy the saddle blanket had been made so he could lay down on E F’s back and whisper in his ear as they rode onward.
Soon they reached the bridge where ACorn and Buddy would hop off. ACorn was saying good-bye and thanking E F while Buddy was getting out of the basket.
ACorn and Buddy headed across the bridge as E F Claude turned to head off to the far North. They said they’d see each other again next year.