Sweater completed. Buddies arrive.

Hi ! I’m Charlie.
Got up late this morning.
Just completed the sweater I started yesterday.
Fits perfectly.
One by one my Santa buddies came over to see my finished work .
Leon wants to know if he’ll be getting a sweater soon.
Henry arrived in the autumn gold sweater he had knit for him last week.
He liked the color blue of my sweater.
Sam to my right in the back is in need of a new sweater.
His last years sweater is looking a little ratty.
Finally Moses arrived. In the back to my left.
Wearing his sweater from last year.
We all agree this is the second best time of the year .
New sweater time.
Four more sweaters will be made for the rest of us soon.

A soon to be sweater

Charlie heard a sweater was being knit for him.
He dropped in this morning to see how it was coming along.
He was pleased with the work so far.
I told him I had just started on it.
He tried it on to see if the fit was right.
He liked the color. Said it went well with his eyes.
Charlie wanted to know just how many sweaters I was making.
I told him just one blue sweater for him.
He wondered if maybe he should learn how to knit.

Knitting a sweater for Santa

ACorn is having a day of rest after working on his furniture all week.
This is Santa Henry.
Once a year in late Summer the Santa’s get a new sweater.
It isn’t a Christmas sweater, just a sweater to try out
new knit stitches. This is the sweater being worked on this week.
I need to finish the ribbing on his sleeve then knit the other.
Another new sweater pattern will be started at the beginning of next week.
The sweater patterns have been designed by Selena Justice Miskin 
Sweater Sisters designs.

ACorns Balloon

ACorn wanted a balloon. He ask his person for one. 
He didn’t want one that you had to blow up.  
He said it would drag on the ground.

He said it would drag in the grass.
He didn’t want one with helium in it. He said it would float him away and it did.
 Thankfully he got caught in a tree and was saved. 
His person had to think about a balloon that wouldn’t drag on the ground or be filled
 with helium and float him away.
She thought long and hard then came up with a plan,  She’d knit him a balloon. No floating away no dragging on the ground
and it would last forever.
 ACorn now has his own balloon and it’s red his favorite color for now.

We found the balloon pattern called Party Balloons on Ravelry as a free download from Max Alexander.

Scarf Project

ACorn went along for the day to see how The Scarf Project worked. All the scarfs set up for The Need A Scarf Take A Scarf Project.
Checking out a yellow scarf for warmth and size.
Checking a green one to see if it’s his size.
Still to big for ACorn.
When the day was over his person knit one that was just right for him.
A happy ACorn with his scarf.